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This entry on Richard Ayres is taken from the 1897 Cyclopedia of New Zealand.

This entry on Richard Ayres is taken from the 1897 Cyclopedia of New Zealand

Ayres, Richard Medical Herbalist and Botanic Chemist, Botanic Dispensary, 90 Cuba Street, Wellington. Branches: Riddiford Street and Molesworth Street, Wellington. Telegraphic address, "Ayres, Wellington." Telephone 132. Bankers, Bank of New Zealand. Private residence, The Pines, Coramandel Street. Agents: - Auckalnd, Mr. W.M. Smith; New Plymouth, Mr. T. W. Forster; Palmerston North, Mr. J. Williams and M. J. Hepworth; Pahiatua, Mr. C. Ridd; Nelson, Mr. J. Stantori; Blenheim, Mr. J. C. Poole; West Coast, Mrs. Barber, Denniston; Dunedin, Mr. W.B. Kindly; Brisbane, Mr. A. Dall.

This business was esatblish by Mr Ayres in 1880 on a very small scale; but as he soon amde himself known by his successful treatment of a variety of stubborn cases , his trade grew rapidly from the first. He has now three fine shops, and he claims for himself the distinction of employing a larger number of hands than any other chemist of herbal chemist in the Colony- if not in Australasia. The Cuba Street property is leasehold and Mr. Ayres has spent several hundred pounds in adapting it to the needs of his business. The Molesworth Street property is also leased; but at Newtown (Wellington South), Mr. Ayres owns the freehold of not only his shop but also of that adjoining it. For several years he had a branch establishment in Jackson Street, Petone but that has recently been sold. At the principal shop and factory in Cuba Street there is a very fine plant including a drug well, a powerful mass-making machine, pinder's roller pill machine and piping press,a  coating machine and a capsuling machine.

The trade mark is a lion, and the numerous proprietary articles manufactures and sold under this trade mark find their way to every part of the Colony, and not infrequently to the others of the Australasian group. In a remarkably well-got-up list bearing the imprint of Messrs. Edwards, Russell and Co., Limited, Mr. Ayres sets forth over a hundred proprietary articles, among the most important of which may be mentioned; - Ayre's Asthma Powder, Lion Brand Baking Powder, Balsam of Horehound and Aniseed, Blood Purifier, Dr. Lane's Catarrh Cure, Ayres' Compostition Powder and Composition Essence, Dr. Vaughan's Corn Cure, Eau de Cologne, Royal Embrocation (for horses), Ayres' Eucalyptus Extract, the Food of Health, Glycerine Jelly, Glycerine and Cucumber, Gout and Rheumatic Liniment, Grape Saline, Hair Restorer, Aromatic Herb Tobacco, Indigestion Mixture, Irish Moss, Koromiko Dysentery Syrup, Lavender Water, Lime Juice and Glycerine, Liver Mixture, the Nursery Hair Lotion, Herbal Ointment, Pile Ointment, Compound Extract of Sarsparilla, Superior Seidlitz Powders, Rosemary Tricopherus, Plain Tooth Powder, Cherry Tooth Powder, Vegetable Worm Powders and Worm Figs. A number special lines are announced, including: - Ayre's Herb Beer Extract, (a shilling bottle of which is said to make eight gallons of sparkling beer), Raspberry Vinegar Extract, Sarsparilla Wine Extract, Lemon Extract, Lime Extract, Grape Extract, Pine Apple Extract, Ginger Wine Extract, Elderberry Wine Extract, and Warmine (a winter drink). Mr Ayres claims that a shilling bottle of any of these will make a hundred delicious drinks. The ordinary cordials of extraordianry quality are also among the many productions fo this house, besides all the essences, and a superior sauce called the 'Bon Gusto Relish'. In all these lines a large trade is done; but probably the largest turnover is the "Lion Brand Baking Powder," the excellence of which is borne out by many special testimonials. Mr Ayres has travellers constantly "on the road," and his goods are sold by chemists and storekeepers. His agencies include Gager's Electric Belts. During his business career Mr. Ayres has recieved numerous valuable testimonials from those who have been cured or relieved by his treatment, and he is at all times willing to show them to sufferers who wait upon him for advice.

The proprietor of this establishment was born at Shellingford, Farringdon, Berkshire, England, on the 29th of October, 1847. His father, Mr. George Ayres, was gamekeeper and estate manager for Captain Butler, and was well known as the descendant of an old family in that part of England. At Farringdon Mr. Ayres was educated, and here to he imbibed a good deal of the knowledge which has since been so useful to him. His mother was like a family doctor in that quiet little village, and used to grow the herbs with which she accomplised her cures. In 1880 Mr. Ayres decided to try the colonial life, and embarked for Wellington per ship "Maraval," and at once entered into business. For the past twenty-six years he has occupied many positions of trust and responsibility in church matters, including the office of conference representative. Mr. Ayres was married in 18973 to Miss Ellen Smith, daughter of Mr. John Smith, and they have five children. The eldest son is already in business, and the eldest daughter is married to Mr. John Castle, who has been connected with the business for the past eight years, during which time he has successfully passed all the examinations as a pharmaceutical chemist.

The Cyclopedia of New Zealand, Vol. 1 Wellington p.490-491. The Cyclopedia can be viewed at the enquiries desk on the second floor of Central Library.

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Richard Ayres

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