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This entry on the Royal Oak Hotel is taken from the 1897 Cyclopedia of New Zealand

Royal Oak Hotel (Samuel Gilmer, Proprietor), Cuba, Manners, and Dixon Street, Wellington. Telephone 239; P.O. Box 229) Bankers, Bank of New Zealand. The Royal Oak Hotel is one of the finest in the City of Wellington, and its proprietor, Mr. Gilmer, is exceedingly popular. With bold frontages to three streets and within five minute's walk of the wharf; handsome solid masonry throughout and splendidly decorated and furnished within; with a table second to none in the Colony, it is reasonable that the Royal Oak should be a most popular house. Very large additions are now being made to satisfy the demand of the resident and travelling public for accomodation. The exhibition is to be located within two minutes' walk of the Royal Oak; the Opera House is within a few doors; and the trams converge at the door, the cabstand being within a few yards. The fireproof nature of the hotel is, of course, another source of attraction. The bedrooms of the Royal Oak will most comfortably accomodate 100; and ample drawing room, dining room, writing room, reading room, and sitting room accommodation has been provided. Severeal of the drawing-rooms are most beautifully and elaborately furnished, and splendid views of the shipping and harbour are obtainable. Everything is of the best quality, and the tariff, though high enough to keep the house select, is by no means excessive. At a special fowl-run, about half a mile from the hotel, a most comprehensive stock of poultry is kept. It is a very large yard, and every precaution is taken to ensure the heatlh of the birds. The Royal Oak is specially patronized by ladies and families, though it is also a great commercial house. Commercial gentlemen desirous of securing permanent sample rooms have a fine choice in the immediate neighbourhood. Though situated in the very centre of Wellington, and though almost always crowded with visitors and regular borders, the Royal Oak is one of the very quietest hotels in the City. It is thoroughly well looked after, the proprietor being in this respect most ably assisted by Mrs. Gilmer. No one has the least hesistation in recommending the Royal Oak as a decidedly first-class hotel.

The Cyclopedia of New Zealand, Vol. 1 Wellington p.665. The Cyclopedia can be viewed at the enquiries desk on the second floor of Central Library

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