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"Cuba Street Lil" was a person known in Wellington circa 1973 - 1980

The following passage is from a Wellington Cosmo Magazine article about the D.I.C store on Lambton Quay:

"Then there was "Cuba Street Lil", who mooched around the store from 1973 through to 1980. She used to glide in mid-afternoon and make her exit near closing time with her pockets bulging.

"Into the ladies rooms," Mr Hopper, the personnel manager, would instruct the cleaning staff. "Cuba Street Lil" has uplifted all the soap and loo paper."

"Cuba Street Lil" received her marching orders in 1980, when it was discovered she was soliciting from the coffee bar and upsetting the customers. "I'll knock yer ...... block off if I ever see you in the street" were her parting shots to Mr Hopper as she was hustled out."

Turner, Robin. "The DIC, A Sleeping Beauty Put To Rest" Wellington Cosmo Jul/Aug 1984 p.40

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