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Myself & three girlfriends worked as waitresses at the Royal Oal Hotel in 1965, there was a waiter there at the time named Gaby, we lived on the Terrace, we
I am trying to work out if this address  is any relation to my great-uncle J. Mann (Jack K. Udovich) a grocer who owned buildings in Upland Street, Kelburn and
Great oral history memories of this early department store institution. Thankfully they were captured before lost.  
Any info on the whereabouts of Peter Sydor who worked at the Royal Oak in the 1960s.  My partner, Ray Mutch, in England is looking for him.  Any info would be
Did you know  Peter Sydor?  He was a good friend of  my partner, Ray Mutch, who saw him last in 1968 at the Royal Oak.  Ray  would very much like to get back